A Day of Racing

This is an average day of racing World Cup Snowboard Cross.

6.45am: Wake up, get ready and have breakfast. This varies depending on where I am, what I’ve got, whether it’s a hotel or apartment etc. but my ideal breakfast is porridge with banana and a boiled egg, and a mug (/glass??) or tea or coffee.


7.30am: Leave apartments, drive about 10 minutes to the resort we’re racing in and get up to the race area.

8.30am: Course inspection opens and we slide down the course with our coach, looking at the different features and discussing the best approaches to different turns/roller sections/kickers etc.

9.30am: Training opens and you get one or two runs down the course to prepare for racing. I’ve been doing one careful run and then one race pace run. I like to get my fall out of the way in training so then I can stay on my feet in my qualification runs and heats. (I wish… One fall a day would be good progress.)

10.15am: Racing begins. Stand around posing for the camera or wondering what I’m doing with my life for a while whilst other categories race.

10.30am: As they get into my category I get my legs moving and my body warm. Then strap in and do two qualification runs. Then people with the top 8 or 16 times qualify for heats. We then do knockout head to head races in boarder cross, where you race down the course like this:

2016 IPC Snowboard Europa Finals and World Cup_20160308_Luc Percival_0443_.jpg

1.30pm: Finish racing, have some lunch.

3pm: Prize giving

4.30pm: Get home, recovery walk or spin, stretch and roll


5.30pm: Wax board for tomorrow and grab whatever time there is to sit down and have my leg off for a bit. Waxing is a really good fun thing to do…


7pm: Dinner

9pm: Run a bath and sort my stuff out for tomorrow. Desperately try not to fall asleep in it.

10pm: Realise I haven’t scraped the wax off my board. It’s way too cold to go outside to do it so sitting on the kitchen floor with a towel is the only way…


10.30pm: Reassemble board and pass out.